Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes

Amazing Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes

Wishing your friends and family a happy birthday is a great way to let them know you care about them. If you love texting, but you don’t want to have to pay for messaging your friends, you can try WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a unique, free, cross-platform messaging system for smartphone users who want to stay in touch. WhatsApp messages are designed to be short and to the point. If you’re a WhatsApp user and you’re looking for some heartwarming, fun, and creative Birthday messages to share with your loved ones on their special day, this list could be just right for you to send these Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes below.


Whatsapp Birthday Wishes for Someone Else

Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes

  • Being married never gets more fun than the day you get to enjoy a free party just because your significant other has his/her birthday!
  • There is no amount of money available that can describe the worth of the happiness I am feeling right now. I want to wish the best to a specific person that as of now, is one year older! Happy birthday!
  • They say good friends are there in rough times, but what a friend would I be if I weren’t here to wish my best friend a happy birthday! So may all your wishes come true pal!
  • Today is one of the most important days of the year. My child’s birthday! It is the day that I am constantly reminded of 24 hours straight how amazing it is to be a parent. And I wish for my child to have the best in life.
  • They say there is nothing greater than a beer after a rough day, well, it does get better when that rough day is your birthday as well! So happy birthday pal!
  • I’m sending you this message to let you know I think you’re amazing! I hope you have the best Birthday ever today!
  • Instead of worrying about the number of candles on your cake, remember how many friends you have that want to celebrate you today!
  • You’re a breath of fresh air! (Maybe you can use some of that air to blow out your candles!) Happy Birthday!
  • God bless you on your Birthday and every day of the year! May He give you all that your heart desires!
  • Keep your head held high. Today is your special day! Happy birthday, my friend! I hope it’s a great one!

Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes

  • You’re never far away when our phones keep us close! Happy birthday to my dear friend from across the miles!

  • It’s your day to sparkle and shine, just like ALL those candles on top of your Birthday cake! Happy Birthday!
  • You don’t need to feel bad about getting older. All good things improve with age! Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend!
  • Friendships like ours are hard to come by. On your Birthday I’m reminded of how very blessed I am to have you in my life.
  • Your Birthday is the perfect time to wish you health, happiness, and all the good things you so richly deserve.
  • There’s no reason to fret about your Birthday. You’ll always be beautiful at any age! Happy Birthday!
  • Each year on your Birthday I don’t count your candles, I count all the reasons why I’m thankful to have you as a friend!
  • It’s time to form a conga line! It’s time to celebrate! Your Birthday’s here today, and I hope it will be GREAT!
  • You’re the best friend I could ever hope to have. Thanks for always being there for me. Happy Birthday!
  • On your Birthday you deserve to be treated like a queen! May your Birthday bash be a royal success!
  • Today you get to have your cake and eat it too! (Just make sure and save a little slice for me!)Happy Birthday, friend!
  • Your Birthday only comes once a year, so I want to make sure you know just how much I appreciate you on your special day!

Happy Birthday WhatsApp Status Wishes

Whatsapp Birthday Wishes for Your Self


  • After a very long and tiring year, I can finally say I am moving on to the next one, facing struggles one year older, one year wiser, one year more experienced. So happy birthday to me!
  • I may miss the younger version of myself, but the older version is just so much more fun. And it just keeps getting better! So happy birthday to me!
  • Usually, when software gets older, updates are being released to upgrade it. So I didn’t become old, I just upgraded! Happy birthday to me!
  • If you asked me a few years back how did I imagine myself when I become the age I am today, I’d never thought I would turn out to be this awesome! So there you go young me, your future self is better than you expected. Happy birthday to me, or well, us, I guess!

  • Even though my kids kept making fun of me for being old, I have never felt younger in my life! Today was so much fun. Thank you all for such an amazing birthday!
  • Yes, that is correct, it is my birthday! But don’t ask me for my age, I am “young enough” years old! So happy birthday to me!
  • Today, I plan on spoiling myself like a grandparent does its beloved grandchild. Because it’s my birthday! And I wish for it to be the best birthday I have experienced so far in my life!
  • Let me tell you a story, but promise me to keep it a secret. It’s my birthday! And everyone is invited! And why keep it a secret? Because secret parties are more fun!
  • I know that magic probably isn’t real, but if it is, then it has surely had a part to play on this day. Because it was truly magical. And I thank everybody for this lovely birthday you have given me!
  • I am currently too busy having fun to think about how old I am becoming, so don’t even wish me a happy birthday, wish me to have fun!

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